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A scrupulous cleaning and degreasing of the deposition chamber allows to make a ZrN film with stoichiometry of 1.3 and to achieve a level of oxygen contamination equal to 5%. This film exhibits a low number of carriers estimated at N* = 3 × 1021 cm− 3 and with a very high electrical resistivity value of about 105 μΩ·m. This result points the way for further improvements in the quality of the material.This amount of oxygen contamination may be reduced in conditions in which only the oxygen will be removed without disturbing the zirconium presence in the film. A bias voltage value between 8 eV and 20 eV reduces the oxygen contamination.The ionic assistance is often proposed as a mean to minimize the oxygen contamination. However, one must consider the negative phenomena as re-sputtering, ion implantation, atom displacement and stress generation that introduce defects in the film and affect its properties …
Publication date: 
25 Jan 2012

A Rizzo, MA Signore, D Valerini, D Altamura, A Cappello, L Tapfer

Biblio References: 
Volume: 206 Issue: 10 Pages: 2711-2718
Surface and Coatings Technology