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Concentrated solar power (CSP) plants are one of several renewable energy technologies with significant potential to meet a part of our future energy demand. By now, CSP systems are used to supply photovoltaic or thermal power plant, but results on nanorectennas suggest the possibility to use this technology for direct energy conversion of solar radiation into electricity. A rectenna is a rectifying antenna that can be used to directly convert wave energy into DC electricity. Experiences in microwave applications have shown energy conversion efficiency in the order of 85%, and recently empirical tests have demonstrated that this technology can be used up to the infrared wavelength. The present paper, together with first preliminary results on the fabrication of the rectifier (the key element of a rectenna) and its electrical behavior, proposes the numerical simulation of a new CSP system where a receiver, heated by …
American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Publication date: 
23 Jul 2012

Arturo de Risi, Marco Milanese, Mauro Lomascolo, Antonietta Taurino, Isabella Farella

Biblio References: 
Volume: 44816 Pages: 491-498
Energy Sustainability