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In this work we proposed design, fabrication and functional characterization of a very low cost energy autonomous, maintenance free, flexible and wearable micro thermoelectric generator (μTEG), finalized to power very low consumption electronics ambient assisted living (AAL) applications. The prototype, integrating an array of 100 thin films thermocouples of Sb2Te3 and Bi2Te3, generates, at 40 °C, an open circuit output voltage of 430 mV and an electrical output power up to 32 nW with matched load. In real operation conditions of prototype, which are believed to be very close to a thermal gradient of 15 °C, the device generates an open circuit output voltage of about 160 mV, with an electrical output power up to 4.18 nW.In the first part of work, deposition investigation Sb2Te3 and Bi2Te3 thin films alloys on Kapton HN polyimide foil by RF magnetron co-sputtering technique is discussed. Deposition parameters …
Publication date: 
15 Mar 2011

L Francioso, C De Pascali, I Farella, C Martucci, P Cretì, P Siciliano, A Perrone

Biblio References: 
Volume: 196 Issue: 6 Pages: 3239-3243
Journal of Power Sources