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The aim of this study was the development and characterization of transition metal oxynitride multilayers for optical applications. The reactive RF magnetron sputtering technique in rotation mode was used for stacking of zirconium oxynitride (ZrNO) and titanium oxynitride (TiNO) nanolayers. The depositions were carried out in a reactive Ar+ N 2+ O 2 atmosphere by sputtering titanium and zirconium targets. By means of different substrate rotation speeds, the bilayer period has been changed in the range 11–20 nm. A multilayer deposition rate increasing with the bilayer period decreasing has been evaluated. Structural, compositional, mechanical and optical analyses have been performed. The x-ray diffraction spectra confirmed the formation of a multilayer structure with a nitride formation prevalence. Non-abrupt interfaces between the layers and non-uniform chemical composition (chemical intermixing) have been …
IOP Publishing
Publication date: 
7 May 2009

A Rizzo, MA Signore, L Tapfer, E Piscopiello, A Cappello, E Bemporad, M Sebastiani

Biblio References: 
Volume: 42 Issue: 11 Pages: 115406
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics