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TiN/ZrN multilayers have been deposited on (100) silicon and glass substrates using a reactive RF magnetron sputtering process. These combined coatings are known to possess high wear resistance and high-grade hardness, good chemical and thermal stability. We have investigated the influence of the bilayer period (Λ) on the morphological and structural properties of the multilayers at a given nitrogen partial pressure and RF power. Nano-indentation test showed that mechanical properties of the coatings varied with the bilayer period. In fact, the indentation depth reaches the minimum when bilayer period Λ was 9 nm; XRD analyses detected a superlattice structure at this Λ value. The individual layers, TiN and ZrN, show (111) or (200) orientation perpendicular to the plane of the film according to the deposition conditions. In order to optimize the structural properties of the superlattice, we stacked nitride layers …
Publication date: 
25 Oct 2006

A Rizzo, MA Signore, M Penza, MA Tagliente, F De Riccardis, E Serra

Biblio References: 
Volume: 515 Issue: 2 Pages: 500-504
Thin Solid Films