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A series of cross-linked multiblock copoly (arylene ether sulfone) ionomer/nano-ZrO2 (CLQCPAES/nano-ZrO2) composite anion exchange membranes were prepared via block copolymerization, bromomethylation, ultrasonication blending, self-crosslinking, quaternization and alkalization. The structure and the surface and cross section morphology of the CLQCPAES/nano-ZrO2 composite membranes were characterized by solubility test, FT-IR, XRD and SEM analyses. The combination of the 10 determining results reveals that the CLQCPAES/nano-ZrO2 composite membranes are complex crosslinking networks of hydrophobic domains/hydrophilic domains/nano-ZrO2 with clear zonal distribution of uniform nano-sized particles in the hydrophilic domains when the nano-filler loading below 7.5%. Basic performances of the CLQCPAES/nano-ZrO2 composite membranes are …
Royal Society of Chemistry
Publication date: 
1 Jan 2014

Xiuhua Li, Jinxiong Tao, Guanghui Nie, Liuchan Wang, Shijun Liao

Biblio References: 
Volume: 4 Issue: 78 Pages: 41398-41410
RSC Advances