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The excellent optical and electronic properties of metal halide perovskites recently proposed these materials as interesting active materials for optoelectronic applications. In particular, the high color purity of perovskite colloidal nanocrystals (NCs) had recently motivated their exploration as active materials for light emitting diodes with tunable emission across the visible range. In this work, we investigated the emission properties of binary blends of conjugated polymers and perovskite NCs. We demonstrate that the emission color of the blends is determined by the superposition of the component photoluminescence spectra, allowing color tuning by acting on the blend relative composition. The use of two different polymers, two different perovskite NCs, and different blend compositions is exploited to tune the blend color in the blue-green, yellow-red, and blue-red ranges, including white light generation.
AIP Publishing LLC
Publication date: 
23 Apr 2018

Andrea Perulli, Antonio Balena, Manuel Fernandez, Georgian Nedelcu, A Creti, Maksym V Kovalenko, M Lomascolo, Marco Anni

Biblio References: 
Volume: 112 Issue: 17 Pages: 171904
Applied Physics Letters