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Palladium has been widely employed as a hole contact to WSe2 and has enabled, at times, the highest WSe2 transistor performance. However, there are orders of magnitude variation across the literature in Pd–WSe2 contact resistance and ION/IOFF ratios with no true understanding of how to consistently achieve high-performance contacts. In this work, WSe2 transistors with impressive ION/IOFF ratios of 106 and Pd–WSe2 Schottky diodes with near-zero variability are demonstrated utilizing Ohmic-like Pd contacts through deliberate control of the interface chemistry. The increased concentration of a PdSex intermetallic is correlated with an Ohmic band alignment and concomitant defect passivation, which further reduces the contact resistance, variability, and barrier height inhomogeneity. The lowest contact resistance occurs when a 60 min post-metallization anneal at 400 °C in forming gas (FG) is performed. X-ray …
American Chemical Society
Publication date: 
7 Dec 2018

Christopher M Smyth, Lee A Walsh, Pavel Bolshakov, Massimo Catalano, Rafik Addou, Luhua Wang, Jiyoung Kim, Moon J Kim, Chadwin D Young, Christopher L Hinkle, Robert M Wallace

Biblio References: 
Volume: 2 Issue: 1 Pages: 75-88
ACS Applied Nano Materials