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Magnetic hyperthermia mediated by magnetic nanomaterials is one promising antitumoral nanotherapy, particularly for its ability to remotely destroy deep tumors. More and more new nanomaterials are being developed for this purpose, with improved heat-generating properties in solution. However, although the ultimate target of these treatments is the tumor cell, the heating efficiency, and the underlying mechanisms, are rarely studied in the cellular environment. Here we attempt to fill this gap by making systematic measurements of both hyperthermia and magnetism in controlled cell environments, using a wide range of nanomaterials. In particular, we report a systematic fall in the heating efficiency for nanomaterials associated with tumour cells. Real-time measurements showed that this loss of heat-generating power occurred very rapidly, within a matter of minutes. The fall in heating correlated with the magnetic …
Publication date: 
31 Aug 2014

Riccardo Di Corato, Ana Espinosa, Lenaic Lartigue, Mickael Tharaud, Sophie Chat, Teresa Pellegrino, Christine Ménager, Florence Gazeau, Claire Wilhelm

Biblio References: 
Volume: 35 Issue: 24 Pages: 6400-6411