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In the last decade the progress achieved on the synthesis of inorganic nanostructures has been accompanied by the parallel exploitation of these systems in various fields, among them are biology and medicine. We provide here an overview of the iron-based inorganic nanostructured materials that have been developed and tested in these fields. We will highlight the major concepts on the preparation, physical properties and applications of such nanostructures, starting from the most investigated iron oxide nanoparticles. We will describe then the new generation of inorganic hybrid nanostructures, which are structures that integrate in each nano-object multiple inorganic nanocrystals of different materials. In our discussion we will focus on those works that have provided a sound proof of concept on the potential of the various systems as diagnostic and therapeutic agents.
Academic Press
Publication date: 
31 Aug 2010

Albert Figuerola, Riccardo Di Corato, Liberato Manna, Teresa Pellegrino

Biblio References: 
Volume: 62 Issue: 2 Pages: 126-143
Pharmacological Research