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Hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN) has been considered a promising dielectric for two-dimensional (2D) material-based electronics due to its atomically smooth and charge-free interface with an in-plane lattice constant similar to that of graphene. Here, we report atomic layer deposition of boron nitride (ALD-BN) using BCl3 and NH3 precursors directly on thermal SiO2 substrates at a relatively low temperature of 600 °C. The films were characterized by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, atomic force microscopy, and transmission electron microscopy wherein the uniform, atomically smooth, and nanocrystalline layered-BN thin film growth is observed. The growth rate is ∼0.042 nm/cycle at 600 °C, a temperature significantly lower than that of h-BN grown by chemical vapor deposition. The dielectric properties of the ALD-BN measured from Metal Oxide Semiconductor Capacitors are comparable with that of SiO2 …
American Chemical Society
Publication date: 
15 Jul 2020

Jaebeom Lee, Arul V Ravichandran, Jaidah Mohan, Lanxia Cheng, Antonio T Lucero, Hui Zhu, Zifan Che, Massimo Catalano, Moon J Kim, Robert M Wallace, Archana Venugopal, Woong Choi, Luigi Colombo, Jiyoung Kim

Biblio References: 
Volume: 12 Issue: 32 Pages: 36688-36694
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces