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Diamond is considered as a very promising material for the development of devices for radiation detection. Unlike other conventional photoconductive detectors diamond-based devices should provide high discrimination between UV and visible radiation. In this work we present the electro-optical properties of devices based on randomly oriented diamond films, synthesized in a microwave plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition reactor. A comparative study on devices with coplanar interdigitated Cr/Au electrodes (with different interelectrode pitches) made of films grown simultaneously on intrinsic and p-doped silicon (100) substrates has been performed. The chemical–structural, morphological, electrical and optical properties of ROD films have been studied. In particular, the optical response has been measured in air using a Xe flash lamp coupled with an optical quartz fiber and a properly tailored front-end …
Publication date: 
1 Jul 2011

MF Muscarella, D Altamura, R Brescia, M Capitelli, G Casamassima, T Cassano, R Celiberto, G Cicala, D Cornacchia, A De Giacomo, O De Pascale, C Favuzzi, G Ferraro, P Fusco, F Gargano, N Giglietto, F Giordano, C Gorse, S Longo, F Loparco, V Magaletti, B Marangelli, MN Mazziotta, D Monéger, MA Nitti, A Rainò, A Romeo, G Senesi, P Spinelli, A Valentini, L Velardi

Biblio References: 
Volume: 20 Issue: 7 Pages: 1005-1009
diamond and related materials