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We are developing gaseous photon detectors for Cherenkov imaging applications in the experiments at the future Electron Ion Collider. CsI, converting photons in the far ultraviolet range, is, so far, the only photoconverter compatible with the operation of gaseous detectors. It is very delicate to handle due to its hygroscopic nature: the absorbed water vapour decomposes the CsI molecule. In addition, its quantum efficiency degrades under ion bombardment. These are the key reasons to quest for novel, less delicate materials for photocathodes adequate for gaseous photon detectors. Layers of hydrogenated nanodiamond particles have recently been proposed as an alternative material and have shown promising characteristics. The performance of nanodiamond photocathodes coupled to thick GEM-based detectors is the objects of our ongoing R&D. The first phase of these studies includes the characterization of …
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Publication date: 
22 Sep 2020

FM Brunbauer, C Chatterjee, G Cicala, A Cicuttin, P Ciliberti, ML Crespo, D DAgo, S Dalla Torre, S Dasgupta, M Gregori, T Ligonzo, S Levorato, M Lisowska, G Menon, F Tessarotto, L Ropelewski, A Valentini, L Velardi, YX Zhao

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Volume: 15 Issue: 09 Pages: C09052
Journal of Instrumentation