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The world is impacting with a drastic demographic change that is reflected in a progressive ageing population. If on the one side increasing health care for older people is important, stimulating the level of birth becomes decisive. The principal goal of this work is to setup of new method for early diagnosis of male infertility based on analysis of seminal Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), potentially biomarkers of infertility status. The identification of the volatile metabolite patterns in semen samples was done by an unconventional GC/[− MS+ gas sensor] system. Once validate this approach could integrate and improve traditional semen analysis based on physiological parameters and addressed to the development of novel medical devices based on gas microsensors for male infertility screening.
Publication date: 
2 Feb 2019

Valentina Longo, Angiola Forleo, Sara Pinto Provenzano, Lamberto Coppola, Vincenzo Zara, Alessandra Ferramosca, Pietro Siciliano, Simonetta Capone

Biblio References: 
Volume: 544 Pages: 501
Ambient Assisted Living: Italian Forum 2018