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A target irradiated with a high power laser pulse, blows off a large amount of charge and as a consequence the target itself becomes a generator of electromagnetic pulses (EMP) owing to high return current flowing to the ground through the target holder. The first measurement of the magnetic field induced by the neutralizing current reaching a value of a few kA was performed with the use of an inductive target probe at the PALS Laser Facility (Cikhardt et al. Rev. Sci. Instrum. 85 (2014) 103507). A full description of EMP generation should contain information on the spatial distribution and temporal variation of the electromagnetic field inside and outside of the interaction chamber. For this reason, we consider the interaction chamber as a resonant cavity in which different modes of EMP oscillate for hundreds of nanoseconds, until the EMP is transmitted outside through the glass windows and EM waves are attenuated …
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Publication date: 
8 Jun 2016

M De Marco, J Krása, J Cikhardt, M Pfeifer, E Krouský, D Margarone, H Ahmed, M Borghesi, S Kar, L Giuffrida, R Vrana, A Velyhan, J Limpouch, G Korn, S Weber, L Velardi, D Delle Side, V Nassisi, J Ullschmied

Biblio References: 
Volume: 11 Issue: 06 Pages: C06004
Journal of Instrumentation