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In the context of Ambient Assisted Living, the demand for healthcare technologies development has been increased in the last two years by the current global health situation. The contagious nature of COVID-19 warrants inevitability to the thought of easing a continuous measurement of vital signs such as Heart Rate, Breath Rate, and SpO2 in a non-invasive manner, contributing of fundamental importance in the assessment of health status especially among frail and/or elderly individuals. A widely diffused method for contactless vital signs monitoring is remote photoplethysmography from facial video streams that, contrary to traditional contact measurement techniques, allows the measurement of vital parameters without the need for wearable sensors (generally considered uncomfortable, especially by the elderly), even with commercial and low-cost digital cameras. This paper proposes the design and …
Springer US
Publication date: 
16 Jan 2024

Andrea Caroppo, Andrea Manni, Gabriele Rescio, Pietro Siciliano, Alessandro Leone

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Pages: 1-24
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