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Luca Francioso received the M.Sc. in Physics 2001 at the University of Lecce. Since 2001 he joined the Institute for Microelectronic and Microsystems of the Italian National of Research Council (C.N.R.-I.M.M.) in Lecce (Italy), Sensors and Microsytems group, working in the field of silicon micromachined systems and solid state thin film chemical sensors. Since 2002 he is in the position of researcher devoted to silicon technology and integration of sol-gel process into MEMS sensors. In 2005, he was hosted as visiting researcher at CNM-CSIC (Centro Nacional de Microelectronica) in Barcelona in the framework of the Short Term Mobility Program of Italian National Research Council (CNR), with an activity on fabrication of low power consumption micromachined gas sensors. In 2006 he takes the PhD degree with a thesis on application of miniaturized gas sensors for combustion and cabine air quality control in the automotive field; from 2008 he gained a researcher permanent position in the same institute, working in the field of MEMS technology, FEA simulation, chemical sensors engineering and wearable energy scavenging devices. Main activity is actually focused on thermoelectric wearable generators for chemical sensing and plasma actuators design and fabrication for aeronautical flow control. He co-authored of more than 78 peer reviewed papers on national and international journals (1109 total citations by 80 documents; h-Index: 18), 2 book chapters and several Communicationsto national and International Congresses as regular and invited talks.

Scientific Productions

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Application of Multi-sensor Miniaturized System for

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