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Materials and Enabling Technologies for Smart Systems Integration (SSI)

The activity looks towards the integration of sensors and micro-components in smart systems that combine many functionalities with the ubiquitously sharing of information. Micro-Nano-BioSystems (MNBS) are developed that provide peculiar intelligent functionality by combining microelectronic components with physical, chemical, and biological Sensors and Actuators on fully Integrated Systems. To this aim, sensors and smart systems catalyze increasing technology development in order to improve their link in a new concepts of information communication technology (ICT). The full integration between ICT data and sensing, reasoning, actuating and communication will allow analysis of complex situations, autonomous decisions, interaction with the environment and the other “Intelligent” systems.


 Nanosensor structure for chemical detection and biosensing

The research activities addresses to the study of innovative materials and design, modelling, fabrication and test of integrated systems, starting from the single component until the multi-assembling in more complex situations and implementing the whole range of technological processes in order to arrive to the final arrangement. In particular the activity involves:

- Development of technological processes and methodologies for the realisation of nanosystems by Electron Beam Litography (EBL) and Focussed Ion Beam (FIB)

- Development of micro/nanofabrication technologies on flexible substrates (polymer and/or paper), also in combination with the performance offered by large area methodologies, like ink-jet and printing techniques

- Modelling, design and development of microfluidic components and apparatus equipped with micro-reactors, valves, pumps, channels, mixers, etc.

- Characterization and analysis (morphological, structural, electrical, optical, piezo....) of the materials and developed processes;

- Functional characterization of the devices;

- Packaging and Assembling of microcomponents


focussing the attention on the realisation of the following miniaturised systems:

- Micro-TAS ed Integrated Smart Systems (on needle, on fiber, ecc.)

- Organ-on-Chip

- Lab on Chip, Lab-on-paper, Drug-Delivery and Point Of Care (POC)

- Bio-Systems on Chip and Bio-tronics (elec-tronics, ion-tronics), both flexible and bio-compatible

- Portable, wearable and implantable Sensors and Micro/Nanosystems and other miniaturized systems interacting with the human body

- Smart Systems integrated in common objects (smart objects) and in Living situation

A microchip-based PCR device for genomic analysis

Main Applications Areas:

  • Bio-medicine and Health for diagnosis and therapy
  • Personal care and wellbeing
  • Tele-medicine, tele-assistance, tele-monitoring and tele-rehabilitation
  • Food quality and safety
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Ambient Assisted Living
  • Domotic, Smart Home and Building Automation
  • Sensors and Smart Objects for Internet of Thing (IoT)


Contact person: Pietro Siciliano (pietro.siciliano@le.imm.cnr.it)

Miniaturised Liquid Chromatographic System (in collaboration with FBK-Trento)


Micro-oxygraph device -handy, low-cost and disposable chip- based on Clark’s electrode principle. For adherent cell metabolic activity sensing and drug screening.