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UHV-MBE reactor mod. Riber Compact 21 CLS for graphene and graphene-like materials

The MBE reactor consists of a Riber Compact 21 system working under ultra high vacuum (UHV) specifically designed to be devoted to the epitaxial growth of 2D materials, such as graphene and ‘graphene‐like’ semiconductors, like (TMDC) and hexagonal boron nitride (h‐BN). It as been specifically fabricated by the Riber company maker to ensure a high stability and reproducibility of the deposition process of the abovementioned materials. The complete configuration of the MBE system will include 7 sources.

At present it is equipped with a C sublimation source, made of a pyrolytic graphite filament that can be heated up to 2300°C, in order to deposit graphene layers on 2 inches substrates, assuring high thickness homogeneity (better that 5% on the entire substrate area).The substrate can be heated up to 1500°C, the temperature required for growing graphene.




















Also, the reactor is equipped with a in-situ monitoring made by a Reflection High Energy Electron Diffraction (RHEED) system with an energy electron beam of 12KeV. Further optical techniques (pyrometry, ellipsometry, RAS and so on) are upgradeable on it. 
























This MBE graphene growth activity contributes to the CNR web site "Graphene Factory", http://grafene.cnr.it/ricerca-2/gruppi/mbe-synthesis-of-2d-materials-imm...

Contact person: Paola Prete