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AIXTRON mod. AIX200 MOVPE system for III-V compounds

The 20-years research experience in the field of materials synthesis has been focussed on the MOVPE growth initially of wide band-gap II-VI compound semiconductor heterostructures for applications to blue-green optoelectronics, and more recently of III-V and II-VI compound semiconductors based nano-structures synthesized by bottom-up approaches for applications to nano-/opto-electronics, sensing and photovoltaics.

The Epitaxial Growth Laboratory applies the Metal Organic Vapour Phase Epitaxy (MOVPE) technology for the growth of III-V semiconductor compounds by using an AIXTRON MOVPE reactor, model AIX200RD. It is a modular system equipped with:

  • 2’’ dia. wafer chamber with a quartz liner and a pyrolitic graphite susceptor
  • IR heating system up to 730°C
  • no. 8 metalorganic and gaseous source lines
  • thermostatic baths​
  • UHP H2 and N2 as carrier gas
  • dry-box for samples loading
  • dry scrubber for exhausts
  • mass and pressures controllers
  • Unix operating system for the automatic control of the growth process 

The principal research activity of this Lab is devoted to the MOVPE growth of III-V nanowires by means of the Vapour Liquid Solid (VLS) method.

FE-SEM micrographs of GaAs/AlGaAs core-shell nanowires grown on different substrates. The insets are magnified plan-view images. The marker represents 1 micron.

I. Miccoli, P. Prete, and N. Lovergine, CrystEngComm 17 5998 (2015)

III-V compound semiconductors based nano-structures are synthesized by bottom-up methods for applications to nano-/opto-electronics, sensing and photovoltaics (core-shell and core- multishell nanowires based on GaAs-AlGaAs)

Contact person: Paola Prete