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Development and study of new materials and technological processes for MEMS using surface or bulk micromachining, looking for full compatibility with the fabrication processes of the control microelectronic devices. In particular:

  • Realization of RF MEMS on Si, GaAs and SiC substrates for application in high frequency and/or high power that operate with very low insertion loss and very high RF isolation up to a frequency range of Ka band; The goal is to develop new components (SPST, SPDT, phase shifters) for receive/transmit of microwaves with application in aerospace, radar control and telecommunication;

  • Realization and functional characterization of cantilevers and membranes based on innovative piezo material as aluminium nitride for application in engine component monitoring in the aeronautical and aerospace sectors;
  • Realization and characterization of thin films of new materials, as TaO and TaN, for possible applications in MEMS technology as alternative dielectric layer with high epsilon and  tuneable resistivity electrode respectively;
  • Simulation, project, realization and characterization of advanced 0-level packaging based on thin multilayer dielectric films mainly for RF MEMS;


    • Power MEMS on flexible substrates for energy microgeneration useful to wearable devices and personal care;
    • Characterization and analysis (morphological, structural, electrical, optical, piezo....) of the materials and processes developed;
    • Functional mechanical and DC electrical characterization of the devices;

    All activities have a technology readiness level (TRL) of between 2-5

    The activity is carried on mainly in the Advanced Micro And Nano DEvice laboratory "AMANDE Lab" using the totality of systems for lithography (optical and electron), deposition (sputtering, evaporation, PECVD…),  and etching (ICP, barrel, wet) that are present in the cleanroom.



    Part of the basis characterizations for quality control processes are carried out within the cleanroom while in the advanced characterizations or needing more in-depth analysis levels are involved other labs within the section or external collaborations.