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Trans-epithelial resistance (TEER) is one of the most widely performed analysis in vitro methods for monitoring barrier tissue development, formation and functional maturation. It is a basic and important tool for the reproduction of an artificial human epithelium. However, in the design and construction of organ on chip devices, the reliable TEER measurements still remain a challenge, in spite of their efficacy in providing real time information on tissue integrity and function. The observed limitations often concern the nature of the selected electrodes, made with opaque or metal materials that prevent microscopic investigation, their correct and stable reposition that affect the impedance spectroscopy analysis and microbubbles interference. Here, we present a method to perform real time TEER analysis on an Intestinal Barrier-on-Chip (IBoC) using integrated transparent electrodes, by means of impedance spectroscopy …
Publication date: 
1 Aug 2022

Lucia Giampetruzzi, Laura Blasi, Amilcare Barca, Elisa Sciurti, Tiziano Verri, Flavio Casino, Pietro Siciliano, Luca Francioso

Biblio References: 
Volume: 37 Pages: 100512
Sensing and Bio-Sensing Research