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Several active and passive flow control systems are studied to improve the performances of fluid machineries and to increase aerodynamic efficiency of propulsion systems. Among all the well-known active flow control devices, the dielectric barrier discharge plasma actuator (PA) is in full expansion and of great interest in the scientific community. A PA modifies the following behaviour of a fluid by providing an electronically controllable disturbance that brings to drag reduction, flow separation control, enhanced mixing, and noise suppression. PA is potentially easy to construct, has no moving parts and has low power requirements. This leads to its possible applications for separation control in low pressure turbine blade and compressor cascade, tip clearance flow control and compressor stability range extension. The present work reports the design and fabrication of cheap Kapton-based flow turbulence capacitive …
Publication date: 
26 Aug 2014

Luca Francioso, Chiara De Pascali, Pietro Siciliano, Maria Grazia De Giorgi, Elisa Pescini, Antonio Ficarella

Biblio References: 
Pages: 185-192
2014 12th IEEE International Conference on Embedded and Ubiquitous Computing