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A theoretical control of the electromagnetic coupling between localized surface plasmons and pointlike sources of radiation is a relevant topic in nanoscience and nanophotonics. In this paper a numerical approach based on the discrete dipole approximation is presented as a practical and reliable computational tool to study the decay dynamics of a dipole when it is located in the near proximities of metallic nanoparticles whose shapes do not allow a fully analytical treatment. The method is first applied to Ag nanospheres and nanoshells, which represent two analytically solvable cases, and it is shown to lead to a very good agreement with exact results. The approach is then used to consider the response, in terms of perturbations induced on the radiative and nonradiative decay rates, of elongated nanoparticles, like Ag prolate spheroids and nanocones. Results demonstrate how the optical response of conically …
American Physical Society
Publication date: 
8 May 2013

Stefania D’Agostino, Fabio Della Sala, Lucio Claudio Andreani

Biblio References: 
Volume: 87 Issue: 20 Pages: 205413
Physical Review B