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Bio-luminescent bacteria exposed to radiation of UHTM frequencies is not known and they offer new prospective to study modern biological sensors and DNA. We performed experiments undergoing an electric field of 53 and 140 V/m. Bioluminescence decreased of 77% and 68% undergone lower and higher electric field, respectively. We estimated a corresponding enhancement of the bioluminescent activity of bacteria growing at RF environment of 23 and 85 times undergone lower and higher electric field. This behavior of intense activity of bacteria on RF exposure can be ascribed to the anti-mutagenic effect of the RF.
Società Italina di Fisica
Publication date: 
1 Jan 2011

Pietro Alifano, R Longo, Vincenzo Nassisi, S Rizzato, MV Siciliano, Adelfia Tala, Salvatore Maurizio Tredici, Luciano Velardi

Biblio References: 
Pages: 161-161
Atti XCVI Congresso Nazionale di Fisica