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Rapid advances in micro/nanotechnology have enabled to achieve high levels of miniaturization, promoting the development of low cost and highly efficient microsystems for specific applications. In the space sector, the miniaturization of satellites has led to a renewed interest in the research and development of advanced micro-propulsion technologies able to generate small and accurate thrust forces and high specific impulse.This work presents the design and fabrication of a silicon-based water-propellant Vaporizing Liquid Microthurster (VLM) equipped with embedded microsensors for real-time monitoring of in-channel vapor/liquid fraction and fluid temperature during its operation. Anisotropic dry etching of silicon wafer and thermo-compressive bonding were chosen as key fabrication steps: the former process was used to better control the surface roughness on microchannels inner walls, the latter was used to …
Publication date: 
1 Apr 2021

Donato Fontanarosa, Chiara De Pascali, Maria Grazia De Giorgi, P Siciliano, Antonio Ficarella, Luca Francioso

Biblio References: 
Volume: 188 Pages: 116625
Applied Thermal Engineering