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In the last years the ion component of a laser-produced plasma has been considered and studied as an object to provide high-density ion sources, which can be applied in many fields such as laser-induced implantation. In this work a KrF laser beam of 108 W/cm2 irradiance was focused onto single-crystalline Fe and single-crystalline Fe with 2% of Si targets and the characteristics of both free expanding laser-produced plasmas were compared. The time-of-flight (TOF) method was applied to determine the ion charge yield at various laser fluences and the ion angular spread. The analyses of TOF spectra showed a synergetic effect of the silicon admixture in target material on the Fe ions production. Besides, this admixture was also responsible of the increasing of the plasma temperature which corresponds in turn to the increasing of the average kinetic energy of the particles as well as of the more collimated …
Publication date: 
1 Aug 2009

A Lorusso, J Krása, L Láska, V Nassisi, L Velardi

Biblio References: 
Volume: 54 Issue: 2 Pages: 473-476
The European Physical Journal D