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In this paper, a double-axis planar micro-fluxgate magnetic sensor and its front-end circuitry are presented. The ferromagnetic core material, i.e., the Vitrovac 6025 X, has been deposited on top of the coils with the dc-magnetron sputtering technique, which is a new type of procedure with respect to the existing solutions in the field of fluxgate sensors. This procedure allows us to obtain a core with the good magnetic properties of an amorphous ferromagnetic material, which is typical of a core with 25-mum thickness, but with a thickness of only 1 mum, which is typical of an electrodeposited core. The micro-Fluxgate has been realized in a 0.5- mum CMOS process using copper metal lines to realize the excitation coil and aluminum metal lines for the sensing coil, whereas the integrated interface circuitry for exciting and reading out the sensor has been realized in a 0.35-mum CMOS technology. Applying a triangular …
Publication date: 
7 Aug 2009

Andrea Baschirotto, Enrico Dallago, Piero Malcovati, Marco Marchesi, Enrico Melissano, Marco Morelli, Pietro Siciliano, Giuseppe Venchi

Biblio References: 
Volume: 58 Issue: 9 Pages: 3269-3275
IEEE Transactions on instrumentation and measurement