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Gas sensors based on mixtures of iron oxides nanoparticles (NPs) modified with Pd NPs at the different NPs Pd: Fe3O4/γ-Fe2O3 proportions were prepared and characterized. Nanoparticles diameter was 6–7 nm. NPs films were deposited from the mixtures of Fe3O4/γ-Fe2O3 and Pd NPs colloidal solutions by modified Langmuir-Schaeffer technique onto alumina substrates. Samples were composed from 4 Fe3O4/γ-Fe2O3 NP monolayers (MLs). Sensors were tested toward acetone vapors and NO2 at concentration range of 5–200 and 0.5–12 ppm respectively in dry air, and at different working temperatures. Pd-doped Fe3O4/γ-Fe2O3 sensors showed p-type gas response, higher conductance and higher conduction activation energies compared to pure Fe3O4/γ-Fe2O3 sensor that gives n-type gas response. Results were tentatively explained in terms of surface interactions with oxidizing and reducing …
Springer, Cham
Publication date: 
23 Feb 2016

Simonetta Capone, M Benkovicova, Angiola Forleo, M Jergela, MG Manera, Peter Siffalovic, A Taurino, Eva Majkova, Pietro Siciliano, I Vavra, S Luby, Roberto Rella

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Pages: 66-72
Convegno Nazionale Sensori