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We present the theory of semilocal exchange‐correlation (XC) energy functionals which depend on the Kohn–Sham kinetic energy density (KED), including the relevant class of meta‐generalized gradient approximation (meta‐GGA) functionals. Thanks to the KED ingredient, meta‐GGA functionals can satisfy different exact constraints for XC energy and can be made one‐electron self‐correlation free. This leads to a better accuracy over a wider range of properties with respect to GGAs, often reaching the accuracy of hybrid functionals, but at much reduced computational cost. An extensive survey of the relevant literature on existing KED dependent XC functionals is provided, considering nonempirical, semi‐empirical, and fully empirical ones. A deeper analysis and a wide benchmark are presented for functionals derived considering only exact constraints and parameters obtained from model and/or atomic systems.
Publication date: 
1 Sep 2016

Fabio Della Sala, Eduardo Fabiano, Lucian. A. Constantin

Biblio References: 
Int. J. Quantu. Chem.