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Microfluidics provides the ability to analyze small sample volumes and reagents, which leads to lower assay costs as well as sample preparation automation. The integration of these existing techniques provides a number of advantages and challenges when combined with an optical detection platform, such as MOSPR (magneto-optical surface Plasmon resonance). In this work a discussion about recent advances in combining biomolecular microarrays, microfluidics and MOSPR biosensing is presented and its advantages are discussed.Actually, microfluidic technologies are capable of controlling and transferring tiny quantities of liquids which allow chemical and biochemical assays to be integrated and carried out on a small scale. Such technologies provide to manipulate the fluids and improve the mixing or the separation phase or to increase the temperature of the fluid (some reactions needs high temperature …
Publication date: 
1 Jan 2011

GS Masi, MG Manera, C Martucci, Paolo Maria Congedo, Lorenzo Vasanelli, Roberto Rella

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