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We report characteristics of ion emission from Cu, Sn, Cu/Sn4, Cu/Be2, Ag/Cu7.5 and Ag/Cu28 plasmas generated by a KrF laser which was operated at a wavelength of 248 nm and delivered energy up to 50 mJ. The time-of-flight characteristics of ion beams were determined by using a Faraday cup. The employment of an expansion chamber, a new part of the experimental apparatus, allows to accelerate the created ion beam by HV potential up to 40 kV and to investigate the evolution of ToF signals at a distance. The analysis of ion characteristics is the main scope of our contribution. An influence of the dopant admixture, laser pulse energy and accelerating potential on the characteristics of the ion emission is demonstrated.
Società Italiana di Fisica
Publication date: 
1 Jan 2011

Vincenzo Nassisi, Luciano Velardi, J Krasa, A Velyhan

Biblio References: 
Pages: 52-53
Atti del XCVI Congresso Nazionale di Fisica