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Several studies, analyzing the sensory components of olfactory stimuli, highlight laboriousness to estimate a precise stimulation interfaced in EEG and the consequent psychophysiological stimulus effect. Olfactory perception, starting with a breath, could elicit neuronal and cortical responses which could be investigated through Olfactory Event Related Potentials (OERPs). Nowadays no correlation has been examined between brain cortical response and physiological activation through respiratory markers. The purpose of this work is to investigate OERPs linked to breath physiology by using a new technological device dedicated to olfactory stimulation in EEG and a novel sensor able to detect biomarkers through the Volatile Organic Compound (VOCs). In order to record OERPs correlated to physiological effect on VOCs emission, we interfaced VOS EEG (MI2014A001344), a patent olfactometer connected to an …
Publication date: 
1 Jan 2016

Sara Invitto, Simonetta Capone, Giovanni Montagna, Giovanni Piraino, Arianna Mignozzi, Andrea Mazzatenta

Biblio References: 
Pages: 111-111
Brains in Action: dalle Neuroscienze di Base ai Sistemi Sociali Complessi