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We have previously reported an AlGaAs-GaAs-based delta modulation doped resonant cavity-enhanced, heterostructure metal-semiconductor-metal (HMSM) photodetector design with wavelength selectivity, high sensitivity, and high-speed properties. In this paper, the influences of the resonant cavity and the delta modulation-doped layer on the optical and electrical performances of HMSM photodetectors have been studied by using the transmission line model and Ramo's theorem, respectively. The microcavity offers narrow spectral bandwidth detection accompanied by a drastic increase of the optical field at the resonant wavelength, solving the tradeoff between high efficiency and high speed with the thinner absorption regions. The top AlGaAs delta modulation-doped layer presents an enhanced barrier height associated with the vertically oriented two-dimensional potential and field profiles rather than the …
Publication date: 
21 Mar 2005

Xiying Chen, Bahram Nabet, Xia Zhao, Hung-Jen Huang, Adriano Cola, Fabio Quaranta, Antonietta Taurino, Marc Currie

Biblio References: 
Volume: 52 Issue: 4 Pages: 454-464
IEEE transactions on electron devices