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We studied the carrier confinement in tetrapod-shaped colloidal CdTe nanocrystals by means of absorption, photoluminescence, and photoluminescence excitation spectroscopy at room and cryogenic temperatures. The spectra show features characteristic of the tetrapod shape together with a clear dependence on the dominant confinement parameter, i.e., the diameter of the tetrapod arm. Theoretical calculations based on an envelope-function approximation and using the exact tetrapod shape have been performed to assign the observed spectral features. Oscillator strength and size dependence of the transitions energy have been calculated showing a direct correlation between the oscillator strength and the nanocrystal shape.
American Institute of Physics
Publication date: 
28 Nov 2005

Davide Tarì, Milena De Giorgi, Fabio Della Sala, Luigi Carbone, Roman Krahne, Liberato Manna, Roberto Cingolani, Stefan Kudera, Wolfgang J Parak

Biblio References: 
Volume: 87 Issue: 22 Pages: 224101
Applied Physics Letters