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Deposition of Au nanoparticles (NPs) through UV ultra-short-pulse laser ablation in vacuum is a methodology suitable for obtaining high purity supported plasmonic NPs with a superb adherence to both planar and patterned substrates. Furthermore, the peculiarity that upon sub-picosecond laser irradiation NPs form directly within the target leads to narrow and controlled size-distribution. While extensive literature theoretically models phase changes and pressure relaxation of metal targets under sub-picosecond irradiation, the evolution of the nanostructured deposit through different ablation regimes is poorly documented experimentally.In this paper, besides modeling the temporal evolution of electron and lattice temperature following sub-picosecond laser pulse irradiation of Au bulk at the threshold ablation fluence (0.1 J/cm2), we report an accurate statistical, morphological and structural characterization of the …
Publication date: 
30 Jun 2019

M Cesaria, AP Caricato, M Beccaria, A Perrone, M Martino, A Taurino, M Catalano, V Resta, A Klini, F Gontad

Biblio References: 
Volume: 480 Pages: 330-340
Applied Surface Science