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Arrays of metal nano-holes have proved to be among of the most promising structures for applications in the field of nano-photonics and optoelectronics. Supporting both localized and propagating surface plasmons resonances, they are characterized by very high versatility thanks to the tunability of these modes, by means of the change of their periodicity, the size of the holes and metal composition. The interaction between different optical features can be exploited to modulate electromagnetic field distribution leading various hot-spots excitations on the metal surfaces. In this work, long range ordered arrays of nano-holes in thin gold films, with different geometrical characteristics, were fabricated by a modified nano-sphere lithography protocol, which allows precise control on holes’ dimensions together with the preservation of the order and of the pristine periodicity of the array. An in-depth analysis of the correlation between surface plasmon modes interference and its effect on electromagnetic field distribution is proposed, both by numerical simulations and experimentally. Finally, metal nano-holes arrays are exploited for surface enhanced Raman experiments, evaluating and comparing their performances by the estimation of the enhancement factor. Values close to the single molecule detection are obtained for most of the samples, proving their potentialities in surface enhanced spectroscopy applications.
Publication date: 
24 Jan 2022

Daniela Lospinoso, Adriano Colombelli, Mauro Lomascolo, Roberto Rella, Maria Grazia Manera

Biblio References: 
Volume: 12 Issue: 3 Pages: 380