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In this work we developed a Smart Breath Analyzer device devoted to the tele-monitoring of exhaled air in patients suffering chronic respiratory failure and home-assisted by mechanical ventilation. The device originates from the need for continuous and remote monitoring of the patient during a ventilo-therapy session; monitoring data acquired by sensors are transmitted to the healthcare center by TCP/IP communication through a cloud remote platform in order to check continuously the effectiveness of therapy and/or any state of disease exacerbation. The device was both characterized and calibrated with known concentrations of O 2 /CO 2 in laboratory field and in a real condition of exhaled air from an healthy volunteer.
Publication date: 
4 Jun 2018

Antonio Vincenzo Radogna, Simonetta Capone, Giuseppina Anna Di Lauro, Nicola Fiore, Luca Francioso, Flavio Casino, Pietro Siciliano, Saverio Sabina, Eugenio Sabato

Biblio References: 
Pages: 177-180
2018 International Conference on IC Design & Technology (ICICDT)